Have you ever had sympathy for the Devil? Have you ever had to decide whether to take the Stairway to Heaven or the Highway to Hell? Have you ever imagined Jimi Hendrix as a futuristic robot, or Jim Morrison as a beautiful centaur? ROCK & ROLL FANTASY takes our heroine from her life in this world into one of unparalleled fantasy, in which each character is not only the personification of a tarot card, he or she is also a rock star. I've woven hundreds of song and album titles into the dialogue, yet you don't have to be a rock fan to understand and enjoy it — it's just an added treat if you are!

Fully illustrated with magnificent tarot card art — color in the e-book, black & white in the paperback.



"Fun book! Clever weaving of rock icons, fairy tales, and puns galore." (Don Wilson - Rhythm guitar and vocals & founding member, The Ventures)

"Entertaining rendition of the tarot theme, with nice inset stories and variants of fables. I smelled whiffs of Circe and the Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, Adam and Eve, Alice in Wonderland, Pied Piper - all manner of notions." (Piers Anthony - Author of the Xanth novels, Incarnations of Immortality series, and lots more)

"A terrific read - I know you're going to enjoy this book." (Ray Manzarek - Piano/organ maestro, & founding member, The Doors)

"A magical musical history. I couldn't put it down!" (Lee Dorman - Bassist, & original member, Iron Butterfly)
(No, I did not glue the book to Lee's hands - SW)

"ROCK & ROLL FANTASY is a magical mystery ride through the looking glass of life - it's Alice in Wonderland on acid, The Wizard of Oz on peyote! I liked the way Wilson built characters around the cards, and the rock references are brilliant. It is witty, sarcastic, caustic... I laughed!" (Micheal, The Ancient One - Teacher of tarot, paranormal columnist, and associate producer of The Surreal Hour television program)

"Laugh out loud funny! One of the most amusing books I've read in years. ROCK & ROLL FANTASY succeeds as a loving parody of every overused convention in fantasy fiction. Anyone with an interest in tarot, horses, or rock music is guaranteed to have a wonderful time. For pure, unadulterated fun this book comes with my highest recommendation."(Garrett Peck - Fiction reviewer for Gauntlet Magazine, Hellnotes, and others)


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Rock & Roll Fantasy went on sale at half price on Amazon.com and within one week,
it SOLD OUT (more on order)

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Rock & Roll Fantasy is DDP's best-selling title for 4th Quarter 2002

Rock & Roll Fantasy cover nominated for Quasar Award


The following Tarot Cards illustrate the book:

The Fool -- Victoria Regina Tarot
The Magician -- HP Lovecraft (no website)
High Priestess -- Maidenhill Tarot D'Esprit
The Empress -- Parrott Tarot
The Emperor -- Tarot of the Fairys
The Heirophant -- Marco Benedetti Deck
The Lovers -- The Enchanted Tarot
The Chariot -- Stick Figure Tarot
Justice -- Deck of the Dreamers
The Hermit -- Tarot of the Fairys
The Wheel -- Tarot of the Dead
Strength -- Tarot 22 (no website)
The Hanged Man - Hugobian Tarot
Death -- Parrott Tarot
Temperance -- The New Millennium Tarot
The Devil -- The Secret Tarots
The Tower - The Egyptian Tarot
The Star -- The Winged Spirit Tarot Deck
The Moon -- The Artist's Inner Vision
The Sun -- Rock N Roll Tarot
The World -- Vespertine Tarot

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