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Cover art by Shelly Firsich ©
Design by Trace Edward Zaber
ISBN: 1-59279-935-3

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The Life & Times of Rapunzel ©

Everyone knows the story of Rapunzel. Rapunzel of the golden hair, Rapunzel who lives in a tall tower. But who is Rapunzel, really? Does she like living way up high in that tower? The answer is no, and the story that unfolds is of what she does after her escape. First she falls in love with a Prince, but he turns out to be a cad. Then she goes to work for a silversmith, but he turns out to be a cad. Then she meets another prince, and he turns out to be a cat. He's actually a human, but an evil hex has given him the feline form. There could be worse fates, but Prince Hemingway really needs to save his kingdom and that's not easy when you have a fluffy tail and furry little paws. He and Rapunzel form an alliance, and despite her naivete, she is determined to help him.

Fly through time, space and dimension with Rapunzel and Prince Hemingway, as they seek out their only hope: Ernest Hemingway, the mortal Word Wizard who holds the key to the Prince's future. There's just one small problem... Ernest doesn't know he's in on it!



"A unique blend of fairy tale and cat tale. Amusing, and to be enjoyed by all ages." (Linda Larson - Cat Caretaker at the Hemingway Home and Museum)

"I am both privileged and relieved to report that fantasy rules in THE LIFE & TIMES OF RAPUNZEL, Staci Layne Wilson's clever and witty romp through a world of fairy tale wonders, where dire forces compel Rapunzel and her cat-prince, Hemingway, to desperate action including delightful and insightful side trips to this world's potential future and not-so-distant past. And best of all, after you've read it, if you feel the need to be heroic, all you have to do is share it with a friend!" (Travis Edward Pike - Author of Grumpuss, Odd Tales & Wonders, and many more)

"A delightful read. THE LIFE & TIMES OF RAPUNZEL will tickle the heart of any cat lover with its major character, Hemingway, and Rapunzel his 'damsel to the rescue'. " (Carole C. Wilbourn, The Cat Therapist - Author of Cats on the Couch, and Cat Talk; columnist for Cat Fancy Magazine)

"I'm happy to recommend THE LIFE & TIMES OF RAPUNZEL as a delightful fantasy that would capture the heart of any cat lover as Hemingway, the cat, captured mine. I often had to smile at the dialogue, as it is an interesting mixture of fantasy world and distant 21st Century jargon. Being a great fan of both fantasy stories and anything remotely associated with cats, I was hooked. " (Elaine Bailey - Author of (Canadian Bestseller) Cat Tails, Cat Paws, and Charlotte R)

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