A Novel for Young Adults
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Cover by Trace Edward Zaber ©
from a concept by Michelle Williams
ISBN 1-59279-914-0

Horses By E-Mail ©

Fourteen year old Karen lives with her parents, bratty younger brother, Ryaen, and the family feline, Mr. Spock. She wants a horse more than anything, but her parents won’t let her have one. One day while reading a horse magazine, Karen sees a notice in the letters section from an English girl who "lives and breathes horses!" and is looking for an American keypal. The girl from England, Melaina Brisbee, is fifteen years old and owns two Connemara show ponies. Eager to share her love of horses, Karen writes a letter to Melaina.

And so, the adventure which will lead both girls across continents and into fierce competition, begins…

Karen was an excellent rider -- anyone could see that -- but so were the others. I hope he takes the wrong lead or shies, Melaina thought to herself as Sky passed by two riders performing a pas de deux. Karen had done absolutely nothing to deserve her dark thoughts, Melaina knew, but she couldn’t help wishing Karen didn’t ride so well. Melaina had seen most of the other competitors working their horses over the past week as well, and many of them were just as good. But she didn’t know them. She didn’t feel an inner turmoil about competing against strangers. But with a friend -- yes, best friend -- it was different. Melaina couldn’t bear the thought of losing, but what if she won? Would Karen hate her? Would she hate Karen if she won?


"Ah, the days when I was a young, horse-crazed girl, devouring books like Horses by E-Mail. This book really took me back. Great fuel to feed the minds and dreams of young girls everywhere to enter the incredible world of horses. Staci really knows the ups and downs of the special connections of young riders and their mounts. You won't be disappointed!" – Renate Andrasevits-Reed, Contributing Author (Horse Tales for the Soul, Vols. 2 and 3)

"A wealth of great horse information packed into a delightful story of two key pals sharing their experiences by email and finally meeting in person as competitors in the biggest horse show of their lives. A lot of fun!" – Laurie Loveman, Author (Farm Fire Series)

"My kids will absolutely love this book – I plan on using it as a fundraiser." – Beth Holt, 4-H Leader

"Staci Layne Wilson has written a magnificent tale of friendship and sportsmanship. This book will appeal to young girls (and some girls not so young…) everywhere who love horses and adventure." – Dale Lee, Editor (Ponies Magazine)


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