Stuart Little (1999, comedy and drama)
Stuart Little 2 (2002, comedy and drama)

The Little family gets bigger when Eleanor (Geena Davis) and Frederick (Hugh Laurie) adopt a youngster to keep their son George (Jonathan Lipnicki) company. The "boy" turns out to be a white mouse named Stuart (voiced by Michael J. Fox), and needless to say he isn't exactly what George had in mind. Shunned by George, Stuart tries to make friends with the Little's haughty housecat, Snowbell (played by several identical Chinchilla Persians, and voiced by Nathan Lane ), but Snowbell doesn't like the idea of having a modest mouse for a master. In Stuart Little 2 (2002) Margalo the bird (voiced by Melanie Griffith), enters the Little's lives. Stuart and his fine feathered friend hit it off (maybe a bit too well... there seems to be an interspecies romance blooming), and adventure takes wing. Both movies are based on the book Stuart Little by E.B. White.

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