Sleepwalkers (1992, horror and suspense)

Writer Stephen King and evil cats strike again! Although Sleepwalkers could also go in the "Manimals" section there are enough real, live felines in the movie to land it here (126 of them, to be exact. actually, not all of them are alive.). Brian Krause and Alice Krige play incestuous, vampiric creatures who settle in a small town in New England , where they hope to find a bevy lush virgins on which to nourish themselves. They have an intense fear of cats, which of course turns out to be their undoing. The moral of the story? Anyone who hates cats must be a monster. Hurrah! Sleepwalkers features cameos by some great genre film-makers including John Landis, Tobe Hooper, Joe Dante, Clive Barker, and King himself as the caretaker of a cemetery. (Trivia tidbit: According to Sleepwalkers director Mick Garris, the lead cat who played Clovis was so relaxed on the set, he can be heard purring on several of the final takes.)

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