Night of the Lepus (1972, horror and camp)

Schlock-staple and erstwhile cowboy Rory Calhoun stars with a passel of perturbed 'eater' bunnies in Night of the Lepus, one of the best movies ever made about giant man-munching cottontails. Um, make that the only movie about bunnies gone bad. The so-called special effects were handled in two ways: 1) Real rabbits filmed in slow-mo, hippity-hopping over miniature homesteads, or 2) Stuntmen in bargain-bin "Bugs Bunny" costumes. Believe it or not, a bona fide author actually sat down and wrote a whole book on this premise - Night of the Lepus is based upon the novel The Year of the Angry Rabbits by Russell Braddon. (I guess the film budget couldn't afford the whole year.)

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