Legends of the Fall (1994, drama and romance)

The "Fall" isn't autumn; the title is in reference to the Biblical fall from innocence. The "Legends" are the Ludlow brothers; level-headed Alfred (Aidan Quinn), wild Tristan (Brad Pitt), and idealistic Samuel (Henry Thomas). Legends of the Fall takes place in the picturesque Montana Rockies in the early 1900s and spans twenty years, as told by an elder Indian, One Stab (Gordon Tootoosis), who knew the legendary Ludlows. A true epic, the stormy story of their lives includes love, loss, war, and redemption. A mystical grizzly bear shadows Tristan his whole life, perhaps even shaping his destiny. Tristan carries the creature's claw with him as sort of a talisman, and at the end of his life he has another fateful encounter with the bruin (who was played by Bart the Bear). There are also several horses in the movie, and a quick scene showing a pet ferret. Based upon the novella by Jim Harrison.

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