Kindergarten Cop (1990, comedy and action)

The title Kindergarten Cop is in reference to the main character, John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a cop who goes undercover as a nursery school teacher to catch the bad guy. A key teaching aid for Kimble is his pet ferret, whom he takes with him wherever he goes (he loves his ferret so much, he doesn't even bother to name it - such devotion!). The children are captivated by the diminutive sable mustelid, and eventually learn to calm down and listen to their new teacher. In the end, the ferret saves the day, helping Kimble catch and disable the baddie (Richard Tyson).

Do you have the volume up, on your computer? If so, that sound you hear is ferrets. Ferrets "dook" or "chuckle" — they do not, as the movies always depict, squeak like a rodent. In fact, ferrets are not even in the rodent family. They are mustelids. Want to know more? Go to (and thank you, Hildy Langewis, for letting me borrow your ferret sounds!).

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