Hannibal (2001, horror and suspense)

In this sequel to the acclaimed thinking man's horror movie, The Silence of the Lambs , Sir Anthony Hopkins is back in the chef's hat as " Hannibal the Cannibal" Lecter. When the notoriously tasteful killer escapes from a maximum security prison and flees to Italy , it's up to FBI Agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) to track him down. Clarice isn't the only one hungry for Hannibal - she's in line with her tray after Mason Verger (Gary Oldman), an embittered victim of Hannibal's perverse cruelty; Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (Giancarlo Giannini), who is salivating over a $3 million reward; and Agent Krendler, who's starving for glory and fame. But revenge is best when served cold and Verger loses sight of that. Inspector Pazzi doesn't really have the guts to handle Hannibal , and Agent Krendler can't keep a cool head in the situation. Which leaves it all up to Clarice. Most memorable and spine-tingling are several scenes involving rancorous Russian boars who've been trained to kill and devour human beings. Lee, Wooly, and Popcorn were the lead porkers who acted alongside three especially foul-tempered boars and the 12 others who rounded out the troupe. Another animal-related scene in the film has Hannibal scaring a dog into submission simply by staring it down (the dog was played by a German Shepard named Santos). Based upon the novel by Thomas Harris.

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