Green Mile, The (1999, drama and fantasy)

Miracles do happen, and in the most unlikely places: This one comes to pass somewhere along the green mile, an emerald-colored tile walkway that leads condemned men from their prison cells to a room that houses the electric chair dubbed "Old Sparky". Times are tough in Louisiana during the Depression, but the guards at the penitentiary do their best to get along and make what's left of their lives livable for the death row inmates. Stalwart Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) is in charge of the prisoners. He's aided by the kind and dependable Brutus Howell (David Morse) and a sullen, sadistic guard named Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchison). Surreal, mysterious and, yes - miraculous - things begin to happen when John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) comes to stay on the row. At the center of this strange family is Mr. Jingles, a tiny and absolutely adorable gray mouse who makes such an impression on the prisoners and guards alike, that he is a mini-miracle himself. Based upon the novel by Stephen King.

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