George of the Jungle (1997, comedy and adventure)

An exceedingly in-shape Brendan Fraser plays the goofy and not-so-bright George, King of the Jungle in this cartoon-to-movie adaptation that is surprisingly faithful to the source material. The smart-alecky narrator (Keith Scott) leads us through the story of baby George getting stranded in the jungle after a plane crash, being adopted by a loving but cynical ape named Ape (voiced by John Cleese), growing up and meeting a beautiful girl (Leslie Mann) from the civilized side of the tracks. Ape is animatronic, but Shep the elephant and Tookie the toucan are (mostly) real. Watch out for that sequel: There was a Brendanless follow-up (starring Christopher Showerman) in 2003, in which George visits the neon jungle of Las Vegas. Based on characters created by Jay Ward.

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