Cat's Eye (1985, horror and comedy)

A gray striped cat called General links this otherwise unrelated trio of Stephen King stories together in sort of a cinematic meow-mix. In the first tale, "Quitters Inc.", James Woods stars as a man who can't seem to stop smoking no matter what the consequences. "The Ledge" features Robert Hays of Airplane! fame in a story about a deadly wager that takes place up in the sky. The final part of the film, "The General", features the cat most prominently; it stars Drew Barrymore as a little girl who is menaced nightly by a hideous, tiny troll who wants to steal her breath. Her cat, named General, fights to save her life. The cat really suffers for King's art in this one: He's chased by a St. Bernard (a reference to 1983's Cujo), and he narrowly avoids getting run over by a red Plymouth Fury with a bumper sticker saying, "I am Christine" (re: 1983's Christine).

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