Cat People (1982, horror and drama)

This remake is different enough from the original to warrant its own listing. This time the tagline roars, "They are something more than lovers who are about to become something less than human!" Starring sex kitten Natassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell as a brother-sister combo with panther-like proclivities, this version of Cat People trades cool Manhattan for sultry New Orleans. Bro and Sis are descended from a long line of inbreeding shapeshifters, and it seems that the members of their twisted kitty kin can only mate with each other - to go tomcatting outside your own breed will transform you into a vicious black panther who must kill in order to regain human form. This time, nothing is left to our imaginations as we watch Kinski get kinky. Several real panthers adorn the backdrops as living, breathing set dressing.

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