Bambi (1942, animated and coming of age)

Bambi starts off with a fragile, shy fawn's birth and shows him learning to walk in an adorable, heartwarming scene as he struggles to control his impossibly long, slender legs. He makes a few friends among the other spring babies, but an outspoken bunny named Thumper becomes his constant companion. Everything is very much as nature would have it: Bambi's mother raises her baby singly, while the king stag watches over all of his brethren. The circle of life is shown to dramatic effect in the changes of the seasons, and the growing of the animals from toddlers, to adolescents, to adults. (A funny short film - and I do mean short; it spans 90 seconds - called Bambi Meets Godzilla was released in 1969.) Bambi is based on the novel by Felix Salten.

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