"...about that marriage!"

Enzo Giobbe & Staci Layne Wilson, Halloween, 2010 - apropos!

Staci and I on All Hallow's Eve, 2010

Staci Layne Wilson proposed marriage to me using a typed fortune strip and white satin ribbons she had arranged to have served to me inside a fortune cookie after our Valentine's Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

It was neither the first nor last time I've ever been proposed marriage to.

Awww... So completely fairy-tale romantic of Staci, how could I possibly have said non? © 1988, Enzo Giobbe

That was 1988. We were married on-air at the Mark & Brian KLOS morning radio show on Valentine's Day, 1989. A Red kangaroo was our ring bearer.

And the bride wore... Black! With Pastor Ron at the KLOS lot after saying our "I Do's" live on-air with Mark & Brian - 2-14-89
Staci's name tag reads "Staci Giobbe". Taken at KLOS after our live on-air wedding ceremony (with our Pastor)

It was/is my sole marriage (my son is by a prior "grand affaire d'amour").

I filed to divorce Staci in 2011. We'd been married 22 years, some great, some not, but most of them interesting, and are still a famous couple?!

That's the actual fortune cookie with Staci's proposal still inserted inside that Staci had our waiter surprise me with - saved over all these years.

Staci Layne Wilson's IMDb revisionist bio - as of 4-5-14. It's not about our marriage, it's all about her age (married in, 1989??). The year is a tell-tale age milestone, one which Staci shouldn't care about. She's an extremely beautiful woman, and looks under 30 YO anyway. (c) 2014 IMDb

Seriously Staci? That's what you're going with these days, really?!

My 4-5-14 Tweet about Staci's IMDb (and maybe other venue) bio info marriage revisionism

Staci revised her IMDb bio after I Tweeted this...

My petition for divorce from Staci filed in LASC on 8-2-11

I filed my petition to divorce Staci Layne Wilson on 8-2-11

Truth is, I really liked being married, and I really liked being married to Staci...until I didn't

My petitioner's judgment of dissolution of marriage to Staci Layne Wilson

(I put this page up because I got tired of hearing "So you guys were actually
never married?". This "clarification page" will only be up until June 19, 2014)



(Well, not quite...)