"...about that marriage!"

Enzo Giobbe & Staci Layne Wilson, Halloween, 2010 - apropos!

Staci and I on All Hallow's Eve, 2010

Staci Layne Wilson proposed marriage to me using a typed fortune strip and white satin ribbons she had arranged to have served to me inside a fortune cookie after our Valentine's Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

It was neither the first nor last time I've ever been proposed marriage to, but certainly the most creative, which says a lot about Staci, and my yes.

Staci's marriage proposal to me

That was 1988. We were married on-air in the Mark & Brian KLOS morning radio show on Valentine's Day, 1989. A Red kangaroo was our ring bearer.

Enzo Giobbe & Staci Layne Wilson marriage. And the bride wore... Black! With Pastor Ron at the KLOS lot after saying our "I Do's" live on-air with Mark & Brian - 2-14-89
Taken 2/14/89 at KLOS Studios after our live on-air wedding ceremony (with Pastor Ron)

It's my only marriage. My son and daughter are by prior affaires d'amour.

I filed to divorce Staci in 2011. We'd been married 22 years, some great, some not, but most of them interesting, and...are still a famous couple?!

Above; that's the actual fortune cookie with Staci's proposal still inserted inside that Staci had our waiter surprise me with — rediscovered in 2009.

Staci Layne Wilson's IMDb revisionist bio - as of 4-5-14. (c) 2014 IMDb

Seriously Staci? That's what you're going with these days, denial? Really?!

My 4-5-14 Tweet about Stacii Layne Wilson's IMDb (and maybe other venues) bio info marriage revisionism

Staci revised her IMDb bio after I Tweeted the above...

My divorce filing from Staci Layne Wilson was neither a mutually pre-arranged one, nor a "divorce of convenience" by any means, and was originally contested by Staci Layne Wilson

I sued to divorce Staci Layne Wilson on 8/2/11
(note the public records marriage statistical facts)

By the time this was filed, Staci was already a long ago forgotton memory...

My dissolution of marriage to Staci Layne Wilson

Oh, wait, there's more..!

Staci Layne Wilson's IMDb revisionist Bio page as of 4/6/16. (c) 2016  IMDb

(A GF txt'd me she'd just read Staci's IMDb bio, and asked me
how old was Staci when we married?? So, to clear that up... )

Staci's revisionist IMDb bio - as of 4/22/16. Note her newly listed DOB and "is a mistake" marriage dates denial on this one. Staci attempts to have IMDb delete her spouse info many times after I divorce her, all without success, but succeeds in having IMDb list a spurious year of birth for her.

OK, so now I get it. It's not about our marriage, or me divorcing her, it's really all about her vanity (married in...1989??). Our marriage details are tell-tale age indications. Married in 1989, born in 1976? How can that be?

It can't. Staci wasn't born in 1976 (only the 8/23 part is correct). This "born in 1976" delusion is just more of her usual smoke and mirrors bits.

If Staci were actually born in 1976, it means she would have been a taxi dancer in downtown LA clubs at 8, married me at 12 (Staci was over age 21 when we married), and been born 9 years after her parents divorced.

Why this age thing even bothers her is a huge puzzle to me. Staci is an extremely beautiful woman, and looks well under her actual age anyway.

So, yes, we were married for 24 years, and yes, I actually did divorce her.

Truth is, I really liked being married, and I really liked being married to Staci ...until I didn't.

(I put this page up because I'm tired of being asked "So you guys were
actually never married?", or worse, "Staci was 12 when you married?")



(And, you know, there's just gotta be more, right?)